Your completed ballot must be received no later than Friday, September 22, 2017
A ballot has been mailed out to all homeowners.
It is important you vote to avoid additional expenses if a minimum number of votes is not received.
Please fill in the ballot and insert it in the envelope provided. Seal the envelope.  Insert the envelope in the larger envelope which has also been provided. Complete all the information at the top left-hand corner of the envelope.
Your ballot is not valid unless all the information is completed.
Mail the envelope after attaching United States postage stamp.
Next Meeting on Monday, September 25, 2017, at 6 PM Pacific Time
Torrey Pines High School
Room # 310
Del Mar Heights Road, San Diego, CA 92130
Homeowners welcome to attend the Open Session of the meeting
Brush Clearance Completed
Annual brush clearance has been completed. The Board has decided to clear the brush in our neighborhood on an annual basis instead of once every few years. Not all the brush can be cleared every year. As per the city of San Diego stipulations, green trees or shrubs with greenery is not required to be cleared. Any brown brush at around the root of the trees and green shrubs will be removed.
The President's Message
Now that the drought situation has improved, homeowners are encouraged to start watering their front-yard lawns and plants. It is important for all homeowners to ensure that the frontage of their home looks presentable all the time. A polite letter is being sent out to those homeowners whose front yard requires attention!!
We are also in the process of getting walls behind the three benches along Sword & Winstanley Way painted. We are also having our landscape company plant drought tolerant plants to cover bare spots on the slopes.

New Dog Station Installed
Posted on Aug 21st, 2017
A new dog station was installed opposite Gonzalez Canyon entrance from Sword/Winstanley Way.
Homeowner Registration Process
Posted on May 13th, 2016
Santa Fe Promontory residents are requested to register on this website. Please note that to ensure that only homeowners can register, your registration has to be approved before you have access to sections which require login.  Although we have multiple people approving the registrations, there may be a delay. We hope you understand the need for authentication and the reason for the delay. You will receive an email with your username and temporary password.  Note also that your username will be your email address. You may change your password after logging in by going to your user profile.
After you have successfully logged in, please navigate to the Email Authorization sub-menu under the Homeowners tab. We shall communicate with you via email once you have given your consent on the Email Authorization form. This will help us save money!
For more information, click this hyperlink How to Register

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