Next Meeting on Monday, September 24, 2018, at 6 PM Pacific Time
Torrey Pines High School
Room # 310
Del Mar Heights Road, San Diego, CA 92130
Homeowners welcome to attend the Open Session of the meeting
Dear Santa Fe Promontory Homeowners,

A very happy 4th of July to all of you!

As the summer kicks in, please make a note of the following.

Maintaining Serenity: It is important for all homeowners to keep serenity in our neighborhood. Kindly ensure that all backyard parties do not go past 10 PM. As a protocol, always let your immediate neighbors know if you are throwing a backyard party! Remember your neighbors do have the right to contact law enforcement authorities if there is excessive noise during the quiet period.

Posting Signs on HOA-maintained areas: No signs (including realtor signs) should be planted on HOA-maintained regions. This includes the mini-park area at Lansdale Rd & Winstanley Way, sidewalks, lawns, slopes, etc. If you are selling your house, please instruct your realtor to avoid posting any signs in the areas mentioned even for a short period.

Cleanliness: It has been brought to our attention that many dog owners walking their dog in our neighborhood are not picking up dog waste. We need your cooperation in keeping our community clean. Please demonstrate courtesy and clean-up behind your dog. Citation letters will be sent to offending homeowners.

Security: Number of break-ins have increased in our neighborhood. There have been incidents of unwanted strangers knocking on homeowner's doors too. We are in the process of creating a network of homeowners who are willing to share their security camera video recordings. Respecting your privacy is of utmost priority to us. The goal is to make our neighborhood safe and private.

Safety: Many homeowners have complained that people have been driving at high speeds on our roads. Quite a few homeowners have brought to our attention that there are drivers who do not stop at stop signs especially at Bayliss Ct and Winstanley Way. Video recordings of offenders will be turned over to law enforcement authorities. Please keep our neighborhood safe.

Beautification: Summer is a good time to dress up your frontage. Kindly trim bushes and trees on your property. If there is damaged hard-scape, it may be a good idea to repair it. Painting front gates and window shutters would make your house area more presentable. Watering front lawn or adding a right amount of mulch will further enhance your front yard.

Neighborhood Safety & Security Team: We are launching a new team. The charter of the group is to focus on the safety and security of our area. If you have an interest in joining this team, please drop an email to aporter@menas.com.

We need your help in making our neighborhood safe, secure and clean. Let's all work towards this goal. Kindly note that violators may be subject to fines.

We wish you a very happy, safe and secure summer.

Santa Fe Promontory HOA Board of Directors
Please Read Carefully
Action Requested
Lighthouse Project
The President's Message
Lighthouse Ridge Project
The Carmel Valley Community Planning Board approved the new Lighthouse Ridge housing development with the condition that two of the proposed 10 homes are deleted as the board believes the lots are in designated open space land. 
(Above excerpt is from the article published in Del Mar Times on March 30, 2018. Please read the entire article to understand the issue.)
An executive session has been convened for the Santa Fe Promontory Board of Directors to discuss this issue. The meeting will be held on April 3, 2018, at 7 PM. This meeting is only for the board of directors to attend.
Invitation to Homeowners
Neighborhood Security Team: A new homeowner's team is being created. If you have an interest in joining this team, please email to SantaFePromontory@gmail.com. We will get in touch with you.
Homeowners are invited to join the various teams that the board has sponsored. Membership is limited to five members on each team.
Please register on the website to get more details.
Please contact Autrey Porter at APorter@menas.com to join the team.

Issues/Complaint/Request Web Page Added
Posted on Mar 27th, 2018
We have added a new page titled "Issues/Complaint/Request" under the INFORMATION tab. Instructions have been provided for homeowners to contact our property management firm, Menas Realty Company, and members of the HOA board.
New Water Meters Being Installed
Posted on Mar 27th, 2018
The city of San Diego is replacing the existing water flow meters with new ones in our area. The new meters are going provide the reading electronically online. The new capability will be enabled over next several months.
Sidewalk Slabs Repaired
Posted on Jan 23rd, 2018
Sidewalk concrete slabs have been repaired near mini-park at Lansdale Road & WinstanleyWay, Chelterham Terrace & Penfield Pt., and Sword Way near Reedley Terrace.
Homeowner Registration Process
Posted on May 13th, 2016 Comments (0)
Santa Fe Promontory residents are requested to register on this website. Please note that to ensure that only homeowners can register, your registration has to be approved before you have access to sections which require login.  Although we have multiple people approving the registrations, there may be a delay. We hope you understand the need for authentication and the reason for the delay. You will receive an email with your username and temporary password.  Note also that your username will be your email address. You may change your password after logging in by going to your user profile.
After you have successfully logged in, please navigate to the Email Authorization sub-menu under the Homeowners tab. We shall communicate with you via email once you have given your consent on the Email Authorization form. This will help us save money!
For more information, click this hyperlink How to Register

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