Annual HOA Elections will be held in September 2021
Two board positions will up for election.
Invitation for nominations for the open positions will be mailed out to all homeowners.
Ballots will be mailed out to all homeowners in our association in August.
Please take the time to vote.
Third-party Inspector of Election will count the ballot and declare the results in September.
New Community Association Manager
Samira Sheriff is our new Community Association Manager.
Adam Frederickson has left Menas Realty Company.
Samira Sheriff| Community Association Manager | www.menas.com
7592 Metropolitan Drive, Suite 401, San Diego, CA 92108
Tel: 858-270-7870 x24| Emergency After Hrs: 619-744-9883
Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, May 27, 2021 at 6:00 PM 
The meeting will be held via Zoom.
There is no meeting location due to COVID-19 restrictions.
Go to: www.zoom.us
and “Join A Meeting” or Dial In (669) 900-6833.
Meeting ID: 848 0852 3110, Passcode:430425.
Letter to Homeowners (March 31, 2021) has been mailed out to all homeowners.
Click on the above link to access the letter online.
The letter is accessible only to the registered members of our association on this website.
You may contact the Community Association Manager, the Board members, or all by clicking on the above link.
Please note that your suggestions, feedback, and questions are discussed at the next board meeting. It is always best to direct all your communication to the Community Association Manager so that your message follows the proper process. The board members have made their personal email addresses available to the association members only so that any urgent issue is brought to their attention immediately. Kindly do not misuse this channel and please respect their privacy.
Use the above link to submit an issue, complaint, or give us your feedback.
You may submit your architectural change application by clicking on the above link.
Log on to your account at Menas to check your balance or make payments.
The City of San Diego has stipulated guidelines for brush management. All homeowners in our association have to be in compliance with the guidelines. Please click on the above link to see the guidelines. 
The President's Message
Board Member Roles
President: Bipin Junnarkar
Vice-President: Kerry Dance
Secretary: Socorro Collins
Director-At-Large: Kelly Hylen
Treasurer: Ted Thompson
Community Association Manager
Samira Sheriff (Email:ssheriff@menas.com)
Backup Community Association Manager
Lisa Royster (Email: LRoyster@menas.com)
Please direct all communication to the Community Association Manager. This ensures that the proper process is followed. Your message is brought to the attention of the board members at the next board meeting for discussion. The board members have made their email addresses available to the association members so that an urgent issue is brought to their attention immediately. Please do not misuse their good intent and kindly respect their privacy.

Acacia Bush Trimming Project Completed
Posted on Jan 21st, 2021
The Brightview Landscaping company has completed trimming and thinning Acacia bushes in our neighborhood.  Acacia bushes were planted when our neighborhood landscaping was first done almost twenty to thirty years back. We have been periodically trimming and thinning the bushes over the last few years. However, this year we have decided to trim and thin the bushes everywhere. Acacia bushes are necessary to prevent soil erosion. Trimming will help the bushes to grow back and look lush green. We will have to wait until the summer time frame for the bushes to grow back properly.
New Lamps installed on Winstanley Way
Posted on Nov 9th, 2020
Two lamps have been installed on Winstanley Way between Wyngate Pt. and White Emerald Rd. The lamps are connected to a photocell. The lamps will auto turn on and off depending on the lighting condition
Property Parcel Map Lookup Tool
Posted on Oct 23rd, 2020
It is easy to determine the boundaries of your home property. Click on the link below.
Fire Season Brush Management
Posted on Oct 8th, 2020
Santa Fe Promontory
September 2, 2020
Dear Residents:
As the fire season is here the Board would like to remind all homeowners of their responsibility for removing dead plants or other materials on their own property that could pose a fire hazard to the neighborhood. Although brush management will be conducted in the common areas, each homeowner must be responsible for their own property.
Please be mindful of the fire season by removing dead plants or other materials which in turn will play a part in maintaining the community’s standards in safety and appearance.
If you notice any areas within our association that may be deemed out of compliance with the City of San Diego Brush Management guidelines, please bring it to our attention by clicking on the Issue/Complaint/Feedback link.
If you have any questions, please contact Jeff Smith at (858) 270-7870 x47 or via email at jsmith@menas.com.
New Landscape Maintenance Company Chosen
Posted on Sep 30th, 2020
The Board has selected Brightview to be our new landscape maintenance company. Brightview will take over their responsibility from November 1, 2020. Brightview has been working in our association neighborhood doing tree trimming and brush clearance every year. Now we will be seeing their staff in our area on a weekly basis.
Landscape Architectural Firm Retained
Posted on Sep 25th, 2020
The board has signed a contract with ADL Planning Associates as our landscape architects. Tony Lawson and his staff will work with us to do the initial assessment of areas maintained by the HOA and thereafter do a quarterly assessment. They will be making recommendations to beautify our neighborhood.
Menas Realty Company
Posted on Sep 25th, 2020
Menas Realty Company has moved to a new address. All correspondence should be directed to the new address.
7592 Metropolitan Drive, Suite 401, San Diego, CA 92108
Homeowner Registration Process
Posted on May 13th, 2016
Santa Fe Promontory residents are requested to register on this website. Please note that to ensure that only homeowners can register, your registration has to be approved before you have access to sections which require login.  Although we have multiple people approving the registrations, there may be a delay. We hope you understand the need for authentication and the reason for the delay. You will receive an email with your username and temporary password.  Note also that your username will be your email address. You may change your password after logging in by going to your user profile.
After you have successfully logged in, please navigate to the Email Authorization sub-menu under the Homeowners tab. We shall communicate with you via email once you have given your consent on the Email Authorization form. This will help us save money!
For more information, click this hyperlink How to Register

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Community Assocation Manager
Community Association Manager
Samira Sheriff
Email Address: ssheriff@menas.com
Office: 858-270-7870 x 24
Emergency After Hours: 619-744-9883
Backup Community Association Manager
Lisa Royster 
Email Address: LRoyster@menas.com
Tel: 858-270-7870 x. 20
After Hrs: 619-744-9883
7592 Metropolitan Drive, Suite 401, San Diego, CA 92108

Important Links
The city of San Diego is responsible for the maintenance of street lights, potholes, street parking, sidewalk, graffiti, stormwater & drains, and trash collection.
Santa Fe Promontory Homeowner's Association takes care of trees, shrubs & vegetation on HOA maintained areas, mailboxes, mini-park at Winstanley Way & Lansdale Rd, the area near the Santa Fe Promontory sign, benches, dog stations, trash cans, and fences along Winstanley Way & Sword Way as well near the cul de sacs in our neighborhood.
Please click on the appropriate link to report a problem either to our Community Association Manager at Menas Realty Co. or the City of San Diego.

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