How to Register
Santa Fe Promontory homeowners may register on the website. 
  1. Register: Click on the Register hyperlink in the top right section of the screen.
  2. Complete Registration: You will be requested to enter name, address, telephone # and other information.
  3. Homeowners Directory: You may opt to list your name, address or telephone number in the homeowners directory or may opt out.
  4. Email Confirmation: After filling in the registration form, you will get an automatic notification that your registration information has been sent for approval. Note: If you have not received the email confirmation, you may want to refresh your Inbox and check the bulk mail folder.
  5. Registration Approval: Your registration will be approved by the admin and you will receive a confirmation email immediately. Your email address is the username and you will be given a temporary password. Approval is needed to ensure only bona fide homeowners register on the website. This is also required by the website license we are using.
  6. Login: Please log in at the website using the login credentials. Kindly change the password by clicking on Your Profile hyperlink which would show up in the top right section of the screen after you have logged in.
  7. Email Authorization: Please navigate to Email Authorization sub-menu under the Homeowners tab to complete one more step. Here you may authorize the HOA to send you emails periodically. Doing so will help us save mailing expense.