Issues, Complaints & Requests
Issues, Complaints & Requests
Homeowners residing at Santa Fe Promontory may bring an issue to the Board's attention, lodge a complaint or make a request by sending an email to Autrey Porter at
Email is a preferred method of communication.
You may also copy in one or more of the board members in your communication. Homeowners registered at the Santa Fe Promontory website can access the contact information of the board members at the HOMEOWNER DIRECTORY.
Please be sure to include the following information in your email.
  • Your name & address
  • Your contact information
  • A detailed description of the issue, complaint or a request
  • Pictures if necessary
All communication will be handled privately and confidentially. 
Autrey Porter or a staff member of Menas Realty Company will get in touch with you by phone or email to follow-up in a reasonable period. In the event, you have not received any response, please be sure to contact again!
You may be requested to attend a board meeting for additional discussion with the board members.
Autrey's contact information is given below.

Autrey Porter III, CCAM®, CCAM-ND® | Community Manager Supervisor |

Office: 858-270-7870 x 36 | Emergency After Hours: 619-744-9883